Ensuring railway reliability in times of turmoil

The month of November is fast approaching, which means the Intelligent Rail Summit 2022 is just around the corner. The events of the past few months have underscored the strategic importance of railways, and infrastructure management is therefore all the more vital. Join the discussion next month and register now. 

The Intelligent Rail Summit traditionally revolves around Wayside Train Monitoring Systems (WTMS), infrastructure monitoring and asset management, which all have taken on new importance.

The war in Ukraine served to underline that railways are strategic assets. Monitoring and maintaining these assets are therefore crucial.

Secondly, the uptick in train travel and freight transport across European railways following the loosening of corona restriction has highlighted the need for track availability. Operators and infrastructure managers are therefore in a balancing act between ensuring availability and focussing on condition maintenance.

Finally, Europe for the first time in a long time faces the very real prospect of energy shortages this coming winter. Asset management can help operators and infrastructure managers alike achieve various efficiency gains.

For these reasons, it is perhaps all the more relevant this year to come together for discussions and presentations on WTMS, infrastructure monitoring and asset management, as well as data-driven maintenance solutions.

The 2022 edition of the Intelligent Rail Summit features presentations by representatives of Rail Baltica, SBB, Dutch Railways, ProRail, VR FleetCare and voestalpine, among others.