The development of highly technical products in the railway sector has required the implementation of adapted and efficient design and production equipments as well as real human skills

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Our expertise and our means of studies associated with our experience allow us to achieve and validate the passage from the design phase to the production phase.

Design office

Our design office analyzes the feasibility of your request and your specifications by anticipating the technical constraints of your project and the resources needed.
We bring you an answer with the integrated forecast costs, quality constraints, planning, technical-economic context, etc.

Production of raw parts

Arc furnace | API 1.


3T capacity

  • Numerous grades of low-alloy steels (Cr, Ni, ...)
  • Possibility of heat treatment to adapt some mechanical properties


  • Semi-automatic core making machines operated by our teams, cold and hot boxes, Croning & Ashland processes, ensure quality core making and a wide variety of sizes
  • Cold box mechanical core
    H 5 (5 liters), H12 (12 liters), H25 (25 liters)

Part cores | API 1.

Casting workshop | API 1.


Small and medium series 1 to 150 pieces

  • Sand to green, automatic
    600 x 450 and 1100 x 450 frame
  • In clods with chemical setting 1800 x 800 frame


  • Cutting and deburring to remove excess parts from the workpiece.
  • Rectifying to give the piece a perfect geometry

Deburring workshop | API 1.

Gas oven | API 2.

Heat treatment

For internal use and external services

  • 2 gas ovens with removable hearth
    Furnace with a capacity of 5T
    dimension 2900 x 3250
  • Water quenching, cooling and tempering
  • Normalization and stabilization

Production of finished parts


  • 2 numerically controlled lathes
  • 3 4-axis machining centers

Controlled lathe | API 2.

Welding workshop | API 2.

Assembly and welding

  • Assembly presses
  • TIG and MAG, submerged welding
  • EN 15085, EN 3834 certifications


  • Paint booth
  • Cabin for solvent evaporation
  • Oven (up to 100°C) for drying parts
  • Station of degreasing of the parts by phosphating product
  • Adhesion, thickness and gloss control equipments

Paint booth | API 2.


Our mission is to produce complex, reliable safety parts that comply with the requirements and thus contribute to the safety of people and property.
We therefore pay a lot of attention to the various controls carried out at each stage of production.

Our various controls



ISO 9001

EN 15085 - 2

EN 3834 - 2