Customized services

We develop with you specific parts to perfectly meet your needs

We assist you

In all stages of the industrialization of your projects!

1 - Definition of your needs

2 - Study and design

3 - Production of special tools and assemblies

4 - Programming

5 - Realization of prototypes

6 - Serial production

For your service

Design office

Feasibility analysis of your request.

Design and production of tools

To allow the industrialization of your components.


Core making, steel casting, molding, cutting, deburring...

Heat treatment

To achieve the best mechanical characteristics for your components.


To reach the best mechanical characteristics for your components


Several welding techniques (submerged, TIG, MAG), EN 3834 and EN 15085 certifications


Association of components to the foundry part.


Degreasing, protection, shine, adhesion control, etc.

Non-destructive tests

Three-dimensional control, spectrometry, dye penetration, magnetic particle inspection, radiology, etc.

Orders and shipments

Ensure the integrity, identification and timely delivery of your components.

Heat treatment service

In order to offer you subcontracting services of heat treatment we have 2 furnaces (tempering with stirred water, refrigerated) of 5T each (dimension of 2900 x 3250).

Purchase of components and services

In order to provide you with adapted castings, we put at your service our purchasing experience and the relationships developed with our partners.